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Our organic bread

How do we do it?

We produce our bread following our passion and respecting nature; for that reason we do not use yeast; the rising of bread is natural and goes on for hours. This particular bread leavening made with sourdough, allows to preserve all the wheat seed features at the time of germination, enriching the mixture. The final product contains all the nutritional values and it strengthens the body's immune defenses. The result is a highly nutritious and easily digestible bread; its fragrance and inimitable aroma remain even after several days. Also in our factory are produced breadsticks, crackers, ......


Our organic biscuits

How we do it?

Our organic biscuits are the result of years of experience. The high quality is guaranteed by the genuineness of the ingredients, respect of the old traditions are handed down for father to son for over four generations and by the craftsmanship....... Moreover we offer handmade products of great value without using yeast, eggs, milk, artificial preservatives and coloring agents....and finally...........SO MUCH LOVE !!!


We select only High Quality Raw Materials without use of Artificial preservatives and Coloring Agents

"Organic...a Family value"

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