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Organic and Qm Certifications

Antica Forneria Preziuso to fully ensure the quality of its products, avails itself of the prestigious  mark “Organic Farm CE” attested by the CCPB (Supervision Organism authorized by MIPAAF - IT BIO009). The institute releases all the authorizations only after all the necessary controls, inspections and periodic monitoring of the production process of food from organic farming. In addition, confident of our experience and ability, in order to protect even more the quality of our products, we decided to join the “Qm model - 'GUARANTEED BY THE MARCHE REGION”.

What is the Organic Product?

The production of organic products is guaranteed since it is certified according to the regulation CEE 2092/91 which ensures the production method. The growing of organic products are obtained without any chemical synthesis products and in full respect of the environment. To comply with these objectives the organic farming adopted particular techniques which respect the natural and the environmental balances, for example: The defense against harmful insects is performed by using helpful insects or substances of mineral/ vegetables/ animal’ origin, or with strong plants; Soil fertility is maintained and enhanced with natural fertilizers and agronomic practices such as green manuring; Against weeds we do not use any pesticides but we use mechanical, agronomic and physical techniques to safeguard fields. The goal of these practices is mainly to produce food with no toxic residues and containing all the nutritional values, whether vegetables or animal origin. The organic product guarantees quality and authenticity, which are fundamental for a balanced, complete and healthy nutrition.

What is the QM?

The QM project was born in 2003 as a pilot project of Marche Region both to communicate to the citizen the values and fundamental qualities of the products of our local agriculture, and to offer then, through a series of certifications, the assurance of the purchase of quality products in terms of processing and tracebility of the supply chain.

"Organic...a Family value"

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